Who We Are


The Sills Family Foundation strives to support marginalized families as they overcome obstacles to success. We do this by giving grants to organizations that work on the front lines of providing:

  • Comprehensive Services to struggling families with a special focus on families impacted by incarceration, as well as Migrants, Refugees and Asylees.
  • Support to Underserved Communities through access to early education and reduction of community violence.
  • Environmental Justice with a concentration on reducing contaminants that harm babies and fetuses.
  • Community based Arts and Culture programs that support social justice ideals.


Nathaniel Sills

Nathaniel Sills, born at the turn of the last century, embodied an ideal of his generation. He was the oldest son of immigrants from Eastern Europe, and when his own father died when Nat was 13, he was left the “man of the family”, responsible for his five siblings. He made his way through several high schools and pool halls in his native Brooklyn, N.Y. before winning a baseball scholarship to Colby College. He graduated from Harvard Law School and married Ruth Fife, daughter of Elias Fife, founder of Standard Motor Products. Nat Sills worked at the helm of Standard until the day he died at age 93. A deeply committed worker and family man, he chose to use his estate to better the lives of others.

Nat Sills instilled a strong sense of social responsibility in his descendants, several of whom manage the foundation and have professional expertise in the fields of social work, education, law and environmental research. The Board shares a deeply held belief in the value of supporting families and children to achieve their highest potential. We feel that in working together as a family-run foundation, we can make the strongest impact.

Board of Directors

The Sills Family Foundation is currently governed by a board of five family members:

  • Arthur Sills
  • Peter Sills
  • Deborah Sills Iarussi
  • Malaak Malikyar Sills
  • Leah Sills