Our Grantees

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Grant Information

Since the inception of the Sills Family Foundation in 2003, we have invested in more than 90 organizations.

Funding Priorities

The Sills Family Foundation funds nonprofits that support early childhood education, environmental justice, arts and culture, and families in crisis, with a focus on families impacted by the criminal justice system.

Funding Criteria

The organizations we invest in support children from poor families to help them succeed in life. The groups have passionate leaders and are community based and small in scale so they benefit from our grant size.

Where We Fund

With the exception of environmental justice organizations that may be national in scope, the foundation awards grants in metro New York City, Massachusetts, California and Vermont.

By Invitation

The Sills Family Foundation does not accept unsolicited applications and limits its grants to organizations that we invite to apply. However, we do not discourage you from sharing your ideas with us. If you would like the Sills Family Foundation to consider supporting a program that fits our goals and mission, please send a brief description of the project and contact information where we can learn more. Please limit your description to one page. Send to: info@sillsfamilyfoundation.org.

Grant Making Budget

In 2014, the Sills Family Foundation has awarded approximately $1,500,000.00 in grants. Most range from $10,000 to $25,000. The Foundation accepts applications for one-year grants only.

Capacity Building Grants

The Foundation invites a small number of our grantees to apply for an additional capacity building grant to sustain and strengthen the organization. The grants help groups meet internal needs that range from bolstering their governing structure to updating technology. These investments are hard to fund yet vital to their survival. They help small organizations become great organizations.